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Islam for Deaf will be performing their first Umrah with Muslim registered interpreters this year and their first Hajj next year InshaAllah.Stay up to date.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Maliki is a member of Islam for deaf and teaches Islamic Studies for the Deaf community in the prophets Masjid (Masjid Nabawi) in the blessed Land of Madina in Saudi Arabia.  The Sheikh explains that it is allowed to use a non-Muslim for Islamic education to interpret BSL for the Deaf Community.Find Video Below

Advice From Sheikh Mohammad Al-Maliki

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London Terror Attack

The recent attacks in Westminister London has injured many innocent citizens and killed four people. This goes against the teachings of Islam.

The BBC report on the Islam for Deaf Taraweeh and Attack in East London.

Many Deaf people came to London Central Mosque and Edinburgh Mosque in Scotland. The Deaf community thanked Islam For Deaf for helping with Islamic education in BSL. Watch interviews with Muslim and non-Muslims about their experiences and what they think about faith below.

Watch Interviews About Deaf Day At Mosque & Faith

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